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Thread: Techmoan got an interesting new toy!

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    If I remember correctly, FM radio stations broadcasted in SQ for a short while.

    My brother was into 8-track back in the 70s, had the Guess Who on a quad tape. Actually, 8-track was a good format for quad, in my opinion. No song reordering, no songs cut in half waiting for the head to switch- but required twice the length of tape. On the front of the cartridge there was a notch cut out on the top left for a quad player to ID the tape, but since his tape player wasn't quad, you'd only hear half the music. He turned to me once with a funny look while playing this tape- "why do the songs sound different now?"

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    One of our local stations was in QS. I can't recall if the FCC banned it like they did Dolby Stereo for compatibility issues.
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