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Thread: Meter Ballistics

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    Meter Ballistics

    Here is the first in a series of articles I have concerning meter ballistics.
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    Some Questions and Answers on the Standard Volume Indicator ("VU Meter")

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    Reviews: Peak Programme, LED, VU Meters (Studio Sound Sept 1976)

    Reviews: Peak Programme, LED, VU Meters by Hugh Ford, Studio Sound Sept 1976 pages 54-60, 62-64 and 66-68.
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    Methods to Evaluate the Ballistics of Audio (VU) Meters

    This paper costs $33 for non-members and is free for AES members and E-Library subscribers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldphaser View Post
    Here is the first in a series of articles I have concerning meter ballistics.

    That's some old school shiot right there Ed!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by laatsch55 View Post
    That's some old school shiot right there Ed!!


    I have a lot more of this kind of stuff as it relates to amplifiers.
    Months and months of research.............


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    A New Standard Volume Indicator & Reference Level (Bell Systems Tech. Journal 1-1940)

    A little history on VU meters....

    "A New Standard Volume Indicator and Reference Level" by H.A. Chinn, D.K. Garnnett and R.M. Norris Bell Systems Technical Journal Vol 19 Issue 1 Jan 1940 pgs 94-137

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    Thank you very much , Ed !!!!
    Now I have to study all the papers .

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    AC Meter Ballistics

    Here is a copy of General Radio 1396-A Instruction Manual pages 13, 14, Applications: AC Meter Ballistics.

    as well as

    General Radio 1396-B Instruction Manual 1396-B Instruction Manual page 4-7, Applications : AC Meter Ballistics.

    Essentially they are the same with some differences in the model numbers of the test equipment used and shown in figures.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1396-A Tone Burst Generator pgs 13_14 AC Meter Ballistics.pdf   GENRAD 1396B Instruction page 4-7 AC Meter Ballistics.pdf  

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    The Measurement of the Ballistics of Indicating Instruments

    The following article was referenced in the Genral Radio 1396-A and 1396-B instruction manual and is also similar to the paper H.C. Littlejohn submitted to the A.E.S.

    See pages 23 and 24.

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