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Thread: PL400 Busbar

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    PL400 Busbar

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I am working on adding the White Oak capacitor kit to a PL400. My 400 just used a bit of wire soldered between the caps as a busbar as opposed to a plate that was screwed to the capacitor terminals. Since I am going to have to lengthen some wires and do a bunch of re-soldering anyway, I was hoping to install a nicer copper busbar across the capacitors, but I am new to working on this kind of thing and am having some trouble figuring out where to get the busbar itself... My local electronics shops don't seem to have what I am looking for, and Google only turns up pieces that are way too big (and expensive).

    Does anyone here know where I should be looking? Thank you!

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    PM me your name and address. Will drop one in the mail. We call them BABBs.

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    Our very own Grapplesaw used the copper strapping a plumber anchors pipes to wall studs or floor joists with on a 400.

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