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Thread: PL 1100 Equalizer NOS

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    PL 1100 Equalizer NOS

    If anyone is interested before I list it on EBay. Throw me a reasonable offer.
    I bought it as a new never used unit. I did inspect it when I acquired it several years ago and it shows no signs of ever being plugged in or any of the RCA jacks being used. I have two of these so I never used this one. I do not have the original manual. It has absolutely no marks or even any finger prints.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Indeed, a very nice one.


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    Gosh that's nice. I've been watching Ebay PL listings every day since I joined up here last year. I've only seen a couple of these & they were well used looking. Even though it's payday ,I'm afraid I can't compete with what you might get on the bay.
    I think the crappy looking ones sold for over $300.00?

    I did just get a PL1000 filter NIB to start my PL museum! Heh..Heh

    Thanks for offering it up here!


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    Very interesting! Are those pots like some kind of parametric controls in addition to the graphic ones?

    I have all my money into bikes for my niece and nephews' Christmas presents this month and some next, it's a doozy I wish I could do otherwise.

    Regardless of what you do, THANK YOU for showing that to us!
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