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Thread: What in the hell is WOPL

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    Spare me from your need of emotional rescue
    OK ... now that is funny right there. Spit my coffee out all over my computer desk.

    Good going Nando !

    Quote Originally Posted by Elite-ist View Post
    You non-audiophiles know WOPL as Wide Open Porch Landing.

    | WOPL | Sony ES | B&W | Rotel | MoFi | AT | Denon | SoundMagic | Ultrasone | Cobalt Cable | PS Audio | Signet | Oppo |

    ‘We Fulfilled Far More Promises than We Promised’ ********************** Excellent Political Journalism Died when Tim Russert Did.

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    You have truly earned that pimp stick, Nando
    If it's Sunday Night, it's must be football and pizza!

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    (and straight-up pimp stick!)
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    Glad I made your day, Tony. Wait until I have had a couple of beer. I need to find those stubbies in the liquour store.


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    Hey Dave, good to see you here. Ready for spring yet??

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