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Thread: A Bad Week

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    A Bad Week - The Thomas Fire

    This is the fastest moving and most devastating fire that I've witnessed and I have seen a few in my lifetime. Wind predictions for today are 80 mph with single digit humidity. Our horses were in the direct path of the fire but all survived. The hills surrounding the ranch we board at look like it snowed but its 70 degrees F and when driving up the canyon Tuesday morning it looked like a war zone. Burned up hulks of cars on the road, multiple structures gone, driving over downed power lines, lots of smoke and flames made it feel like the twilight zone.

    Just got back home a short while ago from visiting the boys and putting out some hot spots. The canyon where our horses are boarded has a mandatory evacuation notice but if the area was vacated more structures would have been destroyed and more livestock would have died. It was a bit sporty at times and there is only one paved road in and out of the area so we had to be careful. Some close friends of ours that live in this canyon lost their homes. I can't imagine being in their shoes.

    The link below has some images of the before and after of several neighborhoods that are close to where we live. A couple of families that we know and live in these areas were very lucky as their homes survived.
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    Navo I I was wondering if the Ventura fire was affecting you.....damn bud, you gonna make it with the horses and house intact??
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    Dennis, I am hoping you folks escape this unscathed. I can't imagine anything more scary then a wildfire coming at a entire neighborhood!!!
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    Yes, that has to be a living nightmare....... Glad to hear that thus far all is fine fine for your family.


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    I believe our home is ok - we're a mile plus away from the fire line and this evening I did not see flames in our area but I did see some hot spots. Thankfully we had some air support Wednesday. They are a tremendous help in knocking down this inferno. Winds are picking up now and all bets are off if they hit the predicted 80 mph. The fire is moving west and the town of Ojai and surrounding area is being evacuated. Carpinteria, Montecito and Santa Barbara are next in line.

    There's still a lot of fuel where our horses are located. I hung out until midnight looking for hot spots and tending to those I found. If things get sketchy there's a large arena - race track sized that the horses will be moved to. They were there on Monday when the fire burned a large portion of the 135 acre ranch and it took out one side of the arena fence. The horses stayed away from the downed fence so all survived. I'll be back there in a few hours assuming the road is open. Off to bed now for a some sleep.

    Thanks guys for the prayers and support.
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    Stay safe Nav. Hope all works well for you.
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    When I first heard of the fires in Ventura, I thought of you Nav.. Please be safe. And I hope all folks in these areas will make it through these
    Its hard to imagine what Dennis and his family is up against if you haven't experienced one of these horrors.
    Prayers sent,

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    Hey Nav. Stay safe and keep the faith.

    NorCal in October and now this ... a 100 year event.
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    Praying for you folks here too Dennis. Looks like Hell on earth! I was going to ask if the fuel had burned up around your horsies. You gave a negative answer. Damn.
    News say's this could last through March?
    Do you have your own stock trailer in case your whole gang needs to scoot out of there?

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    Please take care of yourself Dennis! I used to live down in Thousand Oaks and went thru something similar back in the 60's. It's incredibly frightening and can move with more speed than we imagine. I still have a few friends in T.O. and Ventura. Thinking and praying for everyone!

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