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Thread: A Bad Week

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    It wasn't California that made it magical at that time.....
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    Didnt do dope till after I had left California....
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    Quote Originally Posted by laatsch55 View Post
    ......Cali seems so screwed up in so many ways. It's pretty sad, cause it was a magical place to grow up in in late 60's and early 70's Riverside...
    Yep. The wife and I tell everyone was meet 'down here' that California was once a very cool place to live and thrive, even with all it's smallish quirks. Then it started going seriously off-the-rails.
    Now it's damn near Hawaii expensive without all the Hawaii perks.

    The 80's and 90's weren't so bad while there was some semblance of balanced ideas & politics still in play.
    Come the 2000's, it went full-on mental.
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    Sorry to hear about the fire man. We have a lot of wild fires going here in Ontario as I type this. Last time I was up north to the fishing hole the skyline was gray and the smell of smoke reached the far parts of the lake. We managed to get off the water about 15 minutes before they closed the access to the highway from the lake. Fire fighters had the road when we passed. While the fires still rage on my brother is already up there and im headed up for a week at a cottage a friend of his "loaned" us for some work offered to him. My uncle from the north says they smell and see smoke 100km from the fires. Rain has been dismal up there and winds have been spreading it. My 2 older kids are working on the Native Reserve for the summer as students and almost had to evacuate a week back. Heavy smoke and ash falling on the island. 16 more fires popped up in the last couple days. Almost 70 wild fires burning in the province currently. Cant let that keep me from fishing and enjoying a good time out. Take care and stay safe all.
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    And an evening sitting on the bed getting your hair parted by a WOPL.....
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