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Thread: "Audiophile Speak" Terms & Definitions (a.k.a. Buzzwords)

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    "Audiophile Speak" Terms & Definitions (a.k.a. Buzzwords)

    For those people who like to do “subjective” testing or listening of their stereo systems, here is a list of “audiophile speak” (buzzwords).

    Impress your friends, fellow audiophiles and salesmen with your knowledge. Memorize and use these terms often.

    This is my first attempt at standardizing the terms and definitions for “audiophile speak” terminology. (NOTE: This is also so we can better understand each other when we use these terms.) In other words, how can we effectively communicate with one another if we are not on the same page with our definitions for the words we use.

    This list was complied from a couple sources on the internet.

    I would like to add any additional terms; provided they are in some form of common use elsewhere on the internet.

    By the way, a number of years ago I was once a member of a ASME B89 dimensional metrology sub-committee whereby we were writing a standard to define the terms and general principles used in dimensional metrology. Our charter was: “Terminology and definitions; abstract principles of dimensional metrology including concepts of precision, accuracy, repeatability, specifications, and test for readout and traceability.”

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    It's an awesome list - thank you!
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    After reading through that stuff I have decided I will never be qualified to be an "audiophile", don't know the language....
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    Nice list, could not read it all though, got distracted listening to my stereo.
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    Thank you. I've alway's been too embarassed to ask the folks on AK or DIY Audio what the hell they are talking about. I mostly just think it makes them feel superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishoz View Post
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