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Thread: Smoked lens PL 400 LED upgrade question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gepetto View Post
    We strive to make it simple as we can. Your illumination looks great.

    Merry Christmas.

    Just doing what I have been told to do here on site has made the difference. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 62vauxhall View Post
    Re the smoked meter lenses.

    Some months back I got hold of a 400 with meters like that. The tint was so dark it was hard to notice that the original incandescent bulbs were even lit.

    The new light board I put in had blue LED's that did not look good at all behind the tinting. After swapping out the blue LED'e for "Bright White" LED's all was good.

    Just my opinion, but I don't think coloured LED's would look right except with clear lenses.
    I have had the same experience, I think in a dark room it may be ok. However, with any light on the amp it was tough to tell it was lit.
    Edit: With a Black face it looks pretty good
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