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Thread: Paul Klipsch Interview & Magazine Articles

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    Paul W. Klipsch Patents


    Here are some Paul W. Klipsch patents.

    Horn for loud-speaker. US patent 2310243. Klipsch, P.W., 2/9/1943
    Loudspeaker. US patent 2373692. Klipsch, P.W., 4/17/1945
    Loud-speaker horn. US patent 2537141. Klipsch, P.W., 1/9/1951
    Crossover filter network. US patent 2612558. Klipsch, P.W., 9/30/1952
    Loudspeaker (Rebel). US patent 2731101. Klipsch, P.W., 9/30/1952
    Small dimension low frequency folded exponential horn loudspeaker with unitary sound path and loudspeaker system including same. US patent 4138594. Klipsch, P.W., 2/6/1979
    Low frequency folded exponential horn loudspeaker apparatus with bifurcated sound path. US patent 4210223. Gillum, G. C./ Klipsch, P.W., 7/1/1980
    Crossover network for optimizing efficiency and improving response of loudspeaker system. US patent 4237340. Klipsch, P.W., 12/2/1980
    Anechoic chamber arrangement. US patent 4387786. Klipsch, P.W/Hunter, J. R., 6/14/1983

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails US2310243A.pdf   US2373692A.pdf   US2537141A.pdf   US2612558A.pdf   US2731101A.pdf   US4138594A.pdf   US4210223A.pdf   US4237340A.pdf   US4387786A.pdf  

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    Klipsch - Bullshit - Buttons & T-Shirts

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    Reprint of Paul W. Klipsch Oct 1941 Vol. 13 pp. 13 Journal of Acoustic Society Paper


    Here is a reprint of the 1941 paper.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Paul W. Klipsch 1941 Paper.pdf  

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    The Dope From Hope (From The Desk of Paul W. Klipsch)

    Here is a link to some newsletters that Paul W. Klipsch wrote:

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