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Thread: PL 3300 Series II rebuild/upgrade

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    I thought about using the heat sink holes, but they didn't really line up with open spots on the bottom board. But the large open spot on your board, just coincidentally, lined up nicely and allowed for the single hole, without getting close to the traces. I don't think I've used RTV, unless it's that two goo stuff you need to mix up, or that stuff Gorilla sells in a side by side syringe dispenser, or something like JB Weld, both of which I've used on many projects. But I tested the hot glue on an old board, with a nylon stand-off, and it was plenty strong enough. I'll be very interested in seeing what your testing produces.

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    Pretty well finished with the top of the board. I still have to install Dennis' phono stage modification and change out the OP. Also need to permanently mount Perry's board, but I wanted to post a couple pictures and my components list, just in case one of you can spot a mistake. I'm posting the parts list in case someone else wants to mirror what I gleaned from Dennis, Lee, Perry, and, of course, Joe. Plus, if anyone sees something they don't agree with, we can make changes to the list, just so it's out there.

    C4 1000μF, 50V*
    C6 1000μF, 50V*
    C7 470μF, 50V*
    C8 470μF, 50V*
    C9 22μF, 50V*
    C10 22μF, 50V*
    C11 22μF, 50V*
    C12 22μF, 50V*
    C13 47μF, 50V
    C14 470μF, 50V*
    C101 Open for mod.*
    C102 100pF, 63V*
    C103 .0027μF, 2700pF, 100V*
    C105 2.2μF, 50V*
    C106 4.7 μF, 50V*
    C107 0.68μF, 63V*
    C108 10pF, 300V*
    C109 680pF, 100V*
    C110 680pF, 100V*
    C114 33pF, 1000V*
    C115 33pF, 1000V*

    Click image for larger version. 

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    C116 0.47μF, 63 V*
    C117 22μF, 50V*
    C118 22μF, 50V*
    C119 0.47μF, 63 V*
    C120 22μF, 50V*
    C121 22μF, 50V*
    C201 Open for mod*.
    C202 100pF, 63V*
    C203 .0027μF, 2700pF, 100V*
    C205 2.2μF, 50V*
    C206 4.7μF, 50V*
    C207 0.68μF, 63V*
    C208 10pF, 300V*
    C209 680pF, 100V*
    C210 680pF, 100V*
    C214 33pF, 1000V*
    C215 33pF, 1000V*
    C216 0.47μF, 63 V*

    Click image for larger version. 

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    C217 22μF, 50V*
    C218 22μF, 50V*
    C219 0.47μF, 63 V*
    C220 22μF, 50V*
    C221 22μF, 50V*

    Click image for larger version. 

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    R101 330 Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R102 1.0k Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R103 47k Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R104 330 Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R201 330 Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R202 1.0k Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R203 47k Ω, .5W, 1%*
    R204 330 Ω, .5W, 1%*

    Click image for larger version. 

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