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Thread: Good morning, here anyway.

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    Good morning, here anyway.

    Hello all. I am a noob here and wanted to stop in and say howdy to all. Northwinds from AK recommended that I come here for PL 400 help. I have a fine amp I think and I have a lot of questions about it. I hope that I can be helpful to others here as well because I try to play well. I will post soon about the 400. Regards to all. "VSAT88" Jim Hill Phenix City AL.

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    Welcome to the freak show...... Too much fun and the guys are brilliant (mostly)

    I had the nations problems figured out one night while on blah blah blah........ huh?

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    Hey VSAT88 - welcome to Phoenix. VSAT88 sounds like a GPS parameter. Here's a Nav welcome babe (Hope Dworaczyk) and she's Hoping you get your big ass amp up, running and sounding awesome along with other things. Again welcome and have fun.
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    Welcome VSA!! Ron's good people! Have fun

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    Always learning! don't have
    to play well here, just have to put up with being well played.
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    And expect your thread to be stomped........regularly....

    Welcome to Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Like my BlueTooth ?

    Well now !

    I think I am gonna really REALLY like it here ! Thanks for all of your reply's. If the thread gets stomped on I think I can hang as long as I am being well played. Yes Ron has been helpful for sure. He sent me to a place where I could take a gander at Hope Dworaczyk !! Love a freak show. I have one here at home every day. Oh, VSAT stands for very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a two-way satellite ground station. So you were very close with the GPS comment. Very close/GPS comment...Yep... LOL. 88 just two numbers at the end so it will not be too short to use for a login name. I was a contractor for Spacenet and Hughes Network Systems many years ago. I have never had a problem seeing "that user name is not available" since I used it many o day ago. Really appreciate your welcome.

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    Hi VSAT88. Welcome to the party.

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