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Thread: The Next Generation

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    The Next Generation

    My baby girl loves watching the reels spin. Her mother always says she's her fathers daughter. So I'm planting "The Classics" in her head. Forget the fly by night, here today, gone tomorrow garbage that constitutes the Top 40. Artists like The Stones, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac were legendary when I was a kid. And they will still be legendary when she gets to be my age. Note the "Eagles" record in the background of the first pic. My hope is that she will sit down with her babies one day and play them the same music I played for her, which was a lot of the same music my father played for me. And if these tape decks still work when she's that old, even better. They look too retro-Old School cool. And sound fantastic to boot.Click image for larger version. 

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    Looking good. wow she is getting big.
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    Very cool. She looks like she's wondering when Pink Floyd comes up on the tape.

    I need some reel to reel love myself. And another room to house the growing pile of gear , since getting drawn into Phoenix like a moth to a flame.

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    I sure miss those days while the kids were growing up. Beautiful pictures of your daughter, Matt.


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    I had to take out the hundreds of LPs in my big cabinet to move it forward the other day and found myself amazed at how (Howe) many Yes related LPs I had accrued since I joined Yesfans. I actually have most of their classic titles, Jon Anderson (and), Steve Howe, Patrick Moraz, Rick Wakeman and Jean-Luc Ponty even. Just no Fish Out Of Water yet.
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    Thanks. Not that I am biased just because I'm her dad, but my daughter is truly a gorgeous baby. I do mean. Beautiful. Like Gerber baby pretty. I mean everywhere we go, people stop and gawk at her like a tourist attraction. Most babies barely get a second look. Not mine. It's all momma and I can do to go out to dinner and not have a dozen people stop and drool at her. And it's everyone. Women naturally gravitate to her the most, but many guys-hell even preteen boys have stopped dead in their tracks to get a better look at her. The waiting list of teen and preteen girls offering to baby sit her is a mile long. The pictures I posted don't do her justice; they were simply candids of her and the tape decks.

    You can tell peoples reaction between the typical "Oh look! It's a baby!" versus "oh my God she is just too adorable and beautiful. Like a little doll" that we always get.

    It's absolutely adorable and a source of pride now because she's so young. But if she grows up to be as beautiful as a teenager/young adult as she is now as a baby, I'm in trouble. I'm not letting that girl out of my sight. As it is now, both mom and I are extra guarded around her when in public because a baby as adorable as she is, makes her a potential target, given the sick and sad state of the world today. So while we are always polite and thankful to everyone that comes over and oohs and ahhs at her, one of us is always standing between her and always on full alert. The good news however is we are going to make sure she knows she's as pretty as she is. Instilling that confidence and esteem in her at a young age. That will do wonders for her later and, by intentional design, make her unapproachable to all but only the best of men. She will have that-for lack of a better term-bitchy and high strung attitude-that both parents have-which will keep all the idiots and cheesers far, far away from her, which is what I will want when she's old enough.
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    She's a cute little Ankle Biter Des
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    Chip off the ole block, Matt. Teach her well..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Des_Lab View Post
    because a baby as adorable as she is, makes her a potential target, given the sick and sad state of the world today.
    I agree, there are some very sick people out there and I don't envy your job as a father. It's going to be constant worry for you for a long time. I was thinking, people get their pets chipped in case they get lost. Would it be too weird to get your baby chipped if it's even possible to get done? Or am I just thinking really fucked up?
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    What a wonderful story Matt , you are truly blessed!

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