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Thread: Speaking of cheap speakers

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    Speaking of cheap speakers

    So I'm putting together a second system and I want some cheap, but reasonably good speakers to start off with. Wiil get better ones later, but for now to exercise the other goodies I need something. They will probably be used for rear channel speakers later. I have two local ones on my short list:

    KLH 9912 for $60:


    Onkyo AV S-91 for $40:

    Which do you think would sound better? Which would you get?


    Btw don't have the amps yet either, working on that too. Hopefully another PL700II and Carver TFM-15CB for rear. Will use an old receiver in the mean time.

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    AV rear channel outputs are not very wide...they are for background sounds and reverberation from explosions and such. If you are going to use them in a mode that approximates two sets of stereo for front and rear, get speakers like the front ones, you'll appreciate this in the end.

    Even if they are smaller, get smaller speakers that you would use with a good 2-channel stereo.
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