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Thread: Tina J Carver (Bob Carver's Mom) Motion Pictures & TV Appearances

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    Tina J Carver (Bob Carver's Mom) Motion Pictures & TV Appearances

    General Electric Theater: Committed
    An ad seeking adventure lands author Dan Holiday (Alan Ladd) in a sanitarium where everyone keeps calling him "Stokes."

    Season 3, Episode 11 (December 5, 1954)

    Based on the Box 13 radio play, "Daytime Nightmare" which also starred Ladd.
    This episode is based on the `Daytime Nightmare` episode from Alan Ladd`s 1948-49 radio series, `Box 13`, and was a pilot for a TV version of the series to star Ladd. It wasn`t picked up.

    General Electric Theater was hosted by Ronald Reagan and the original ads are included.

    Cast: Ronald Reagan (Host), Whit Bissell (Paul Wells), Tina Carver (Clarice), Frank Ferguson (Lt. King), Frank Gerstle, Virginia Gibson (Girl), John Howard (Dr. Cordell) and Alan Ladd (Dan Holiday).
    Tina appears in the show at these time intervals: 4:02-4:55, 5:11-5:16, 5:28-5:40 and 10:36-12:28


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    Jeez man, how did you find this?? I bet it took some diggin! !
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    Quote Originally Posted by laatsch55 View Post
    Jeez man, how did you find this?? I bet it took some diggin! !

    Obviously too much time on my hands. LOL.


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    I just now discovered this. I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I find it interesting to note that Tina's ex-husband Thomas Henry Carver is on the other side in this case.

    District Court of Appeal, Second District, Division 3, California.
    Tina CARVER, Victoria Carver, Robert Weir Dickason and Charles James Dickason, Plaintiffs, v. Bettye M. PLATT, Allan Platt, Thomas Henry Carver, John Doe and Jane Doe, Defendants.
    Tina CARVER, Appellant, v. Bettye M. PLATT and Allan Platt, Respondents.

    By the way, Bob Carver's birth name was "Robert Weir Dickason"

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