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Thread: You say it's your Birthday! Yo Stuwee

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    Happy Birthday Craig

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    You forgot his bartender.
    If I don't really exist then at over 15,000 posts my nothingness has longevity, if not serious mojo.

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    Hey thanks my dear friends, all in all a pretty great day , Mom and my 10 year old grand nephew came down to take me out for pizza at my fav place here, and it was their 3rd anniversary, it's owned by a wonderful young man and his girlfriend who I adore , the skies were dark and lightening flashing as we walked into the party, just moments later the storm was epic!! The winds were all over the place, sheets of rain changing direction from east to north to south, they say it was a microburst, I say it was a weak, rain wrapped tornado (that would be #4 in AZ this season), roofs blown off of houses, HUGE trees downed, one apt complex took a huge hit!

    I always unplug everything this time of year, even though the power was off, a close strike can still get into your home circuit via the ground wire, better safe than sorry, so no music today

    Nando, I LOVE sambucca , I had to settle for some 90 proof schnapps from the only store that had a generator to keep open, power is back on and I am using the Sanyo with the AKG's, nice! Shpongle M of C, God Particle 'natch

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    " There is only two kinds of songs; there's the Blues, and there's Zip-a-dee-doo-dah." -- Townes Van Zandt

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustMike View Post

    Aaaah, the Neolith!! Thanks brother, when can I expect they're arrival, I have to knock down some walls

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    Geeze! how did I miss this?

    Happy Happy belated birthday!!

    The Little Bohemia Bar at Traverse City alway's had 'Schnapps & Beer' night every Wednesday. Many a Thursday morning that I was trying to remember where I left my pickup truck!!

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    A few days late, but Happy Birthday.
    Too much gear too little time.

    My independence as well as Impedance seems to vanish in the haze. Resistance is futile. Admittance is emitted from the far side of the haze and generally good when applying to colleges.

    Disappointment haunted All my dreams, Lastly through a hogshead of real fire.

    I am underloved, underfed, I wanna go home.

    Whiskey bottles, brand new cars and Yweblwrs....

    Oh, I like coffee and I like tea
    I'd like to be able to crank up a 700B
    I still got this woofer that you just can't shake
    I love to power it to the point it can no longer take
    Well all right okay, so be that way
    I hope and pray that there's something left to play

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