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Thread: Happy Birthday Orange!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange View Post
    Glad I'm not lactose intolerant...better late and hot than never.
    That would be a bummer if you were. She'll warm you up with little to no effort - for sure.
    If you get offended by the jokes and comments on here, go ahead and blame your parents... for raising a pussy.

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    Happy belated birthday Steven. Hope the day was good to you bud. Best wishes.
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    I'm STILL at this, Mike Shotwell says I have a present coming and somebody will deliver it when they reach the area this weekend...(???)

    I would assume some of it is a replacement stash of cassettes but he also says part of it was Freddy's (Freddy1, my late friend from TH who passed a couple years ago suddenly).

    If I'm LUCKY I'm going to get my Rollfast project bike back from the bike shop built up to where I can finish it and ride it July 4th. Since I found one of the two memory cards for my Canon and I have two charged batteries I should have a photofest coming.

    I also found a Sanyo RD-5035 at a secondhand store yesterday and I'm not sure if it's more related to the RD-5030 I have or the Plus Series D-60 it sees to share the faceplate with, just analog vs. fluorescent meters... One way or another, for $8 I might fix one.

    It would help if the printer would print again (lots of black ink left) and I could find a stupid pen otherwise to scribble my budget and grocery list at least but it's almost 5 am again and PPPPPPPPP
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