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Thread: Also pondering turntable switcher

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    Gary: In a dedicated thread, I will set aside some time to post pictures I took at Innovative Audio's 10th Annual Vintage Audio & Record Garage Sale. We had a good time there. The event was well-attended with lots of good gear and media available.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Taking a look at affordable rides, this generation of cars is where it's at. Love to see more of the big Caddy, Brad.

    Yah, I went overboard in getting a GM AM/FM stereo 8-track deck. Geri and I both bought the Buick. This thing is a time capsule - it even smells like 1976 when sitting inside.


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    Ironic that When I first looked on e-bay for that Niles switcher, there were two. Perry, you got the new one and the one I bid on went for $1 more than my bid. Not choked at that at all, and would not have spent over the $52 US it went for.

    I got intrigued enough by the 5 position switcher I saw with knob on top to investigate further. Cheapest e-bay price I saw was $32.95 with free shipping but I found an online vendor MCM, selling them for $22.98 shipped so I ordered one. Will wind up being $30 CDN so plenty 'nuff for an experiment.

    The brand is YIS, undoubtedly from China but I get no hits on Google searching that name. Thought at least I'd get a link to an AK thread saying what a piece of crap it is. But there are six customer reviews on the MCM site, all (nudge, nudge) good. Mentioned was that it did have a steel box, the rotary switch had good feel and one guy says his has been doing duty for six months with no issues. So i mean really, how much better an endorsement can there be than working for six months without crapping out?

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