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Thread: Phase Linear 700 series II Fresh WOPL build for sale

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    Phase Linear 700 series II Fresh WOPL build for sale

    This amp is pretty much complete, just waiting on the heat sinks from Joe (16 June, next week).

    If anybody is in need of a kick ass 700 series II, totally WHITE OAK ELECTRONICS upgraded, with full lifetime warranty, let me know (pm me).

    All new wiring, new Bridge Rectifier, new back planes, new control board, new DC Protection board, new RCA Jack's, new output transistors, new fuse holders, new 160volt 15,000ufd bulk caps, nice face plate with handles.... etc....... All tested and tweeked in. Approximately 500wpc rms. Hurry, they never last long up for sale.
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    Good to see someone is building something!! There was always a couple build threads going before. Yep, any of you lurkers looking for a KILLER amp, join the party and buy this amp!!!
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