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Thread: Bunch 'o records

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    We need to get the shipping for the changer figured out first, I really need to know, it affects other things as well and I'm already waiting to send shipping to Jerry until July in the hopes I can paint my bike in time for my 51st birthday and 5 years since I finished Tempest and almost died 3 weeks later.

    Assembled and ready to ride on June 26, whether it has the four decals I need or not.

    That leaves me 30 days. Like I reported Saturday someone found my money order for Mom and I got it back to finish as sent, that was my miracle this month. I'm going to finish buying Jerry's Sansui, pay you and finish the Rollfast and continue on to finish the Huffy and get my TR-808 repaired by fall. And I've almost wrapped up three computer installations as well.
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    I still have my old Huffy at my sister's house, I should go get it someday. It's not the type of bike you ride, it's the "Wheel" model and has a tall sissy bar. One of the last muscle bikes I think. Looks like this one

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    Well, I get my payments Thursday and Friday, so it would help both of us.
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