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Thread: Bunch 'o records

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    Bunch 'o records

    $20 minimum purchase please. I would recommend a cleaning prior to play for best SQ but these all look NICE

    $5 US shipping covers as many as you want. If you in Canada and want it mailed to a US address for pickup/delivery in person, I can do that

    PayPal please to:

    Post SOLD and PM me your shipping info

    Rough Trade Live! broadcast numbered #1484 copy on Canadian Umbrella Records label (a division of Nimbus). This is a Direct to Disc master recording from 1977 $8

    Nexus - Ragtyme Concert broadcast numbered #5761 copy on Canadian Umbrella Records label (a division of Nimbus). This is a Direct to Disc master recording from 1976 $8

    Boots (Randolph) w/ Strings - The Shadow of Your Smile Monument 18066 bright gloss with some light scuffs, needs a cleanup, in shrink jacket is sweet $2

    Styx - Grand Illusion early no barcode A&M Records issue VG jacket, VG+ or better record w/ a quick cleanup $5

    Beatlemania - Live at Wintergarden Theater 2lp gatefold 1st press set no barcode. Arista black labels, nice records VG jacket. If you like The Beatles, you will dig this "simulation" $8

    Robert Gordon w/ Link Wray - Fresh Fish Special promo cut corner in shrink jacket!! This has the desirable "For Your Listening Pleasure" sticker on the back shrink that confirms this is a promotional purposes only 1st press issue, Record is a mirror --NM $8

    Michael Rabon & Choctaw - s/t DJ Promo copy w/ SAMPLE COPY sticker on back cover. UNI yellow background rainbow labels 1st press. Love the peacepipe jacket flipback cover. Record would be -NM ... one superficial unfeelable sleeve/hairline is across one side, nothing that bothered me, rest of album is pretty much a sheet of black glass and a small smudge $4

    The Tubes - Now 1st no barcode issue A&M Records no barcode. VG+ jacket has a promo cut. Correct photo/lyric innersleeve, record looks like a sheet of shiny liquid blackness $5

    Bernard Wright - 'Nard Arista Records GRP tan labels first issue in shrink w/ diecut promo cut, record minty but needs cleanup, includes photo/lyric innersleeve that shows moisture wrinkling, great Jazz Funk record $10

    Cabbage Crik - You Get What You Play For... this is a obscure Michigan private label Rural Folk/ Country/Bluegrass lp that you can say with authority that you are probably the only one you know that has a copy. Maybe a couple 100 made. This is nice in and out and was released in 1975 on Kneedeep Records $5

    Elton John - Greatest Hits no barcode MCA Records nice record $5

    Horslips - The Book of Invasion A Celtic Symphony 1st press Amherst Record "Demonstration Not For Sale " gold stamped jacket, record -NM $5

    Francois Kevorkian Presents Jah Wobble The Edge Holger Czukay Snake Charmer 1st issue mini LP Island Records gold stamped promo. KILLER Fusion Free Funk lp w/ a ass full of dynamics $15

    Bob Dylan - Street Legal no barcode Columbia Records issue. Includes glossy picture innersleeve, record -NM very nice jacket $12

    Cheech and Chong - Sleeping Beauty 1st press bullet cover Ode Records Broadcast & Review Copy!! NICE all around $10

    Don Nix - Living By Days orig Electra Butterfly label 1st press w/ leric insert sheet and felt inset cover image of Civil War soldier. Jacket would be EX++ if not for the promo cut and someone wrote a price on the back cover many moons ago $8

    John Cale - Guts Island Records issue w/ promo cut corner, record -NM $10

    John Cale - Fear Island yellow palm label issue VG+ jacket w/ promo cut, record -NM $15

    Maynard Ferguson - Conquistador DJ promo w/ timing strip, no barcode, goldstamped Demonstration Not For Sale on back cover. Columbia Records 1977 1st issue issue. Record -NM and is a WLP $8

    Jack Jones Sings Michel Legrand . Original RCA Victor orange label. Great psychedelic artwork, nice copy $8

    Ferranti & Teicher - s/t 2lp textured 1st press gatefold, nice gatefold package with glossy well kept records records $10
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    Some pictures or catalog numbers might also help when looking them up for details or soundbites.

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    This one??? 1955.

    Track listing:

    1 Sabre Dance
    2 Habanera
    3 Ritual Fire Dance
    4 Reverie
    5 Jamaican Rumba
    6 Albeniz: Tango In D Major
    7 American Fantasy
    8 Waltz In C Sharp Minor
    9 Jesu, Joy Of Manís Desiring
    10 Toccata
    11 Liebestraum No. 3
    12 Valse from Suite For Two Pianos
    13 Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 1

    Listed as OOP and hard to find. Would be interested at that price.
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    The Tubes - Now
    3 You Tube videos.

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    1 posted YT video (What Now My Love)

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    Short lived group formed after the breakup of the Five Americans, 3 videos listed.

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    3 videos, including one of the entire LP

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