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Thread: Happy Birthday Northwinds!!

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    Errm... Ey Vatos!!!!
    Happy Birthday Ron-Dude!!!
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    Hey, Ron! She got her hair done and some new glasses for you!

    RON? RON???
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    Spare me from your need of emotional rescue
    Happy Birthday !
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    Happy Birthday, Ron. Apparently you will be the main act, arriving shortly. Hope it was a good one!


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    Happy birthday Ron! I enjoy our time together here and at AK - you're a real down to earth person and it's cool to know you. Of course you must have a Nav b-day babe - Samantha Saint - a saint she ain't. Take care bro.
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    Thank you all Brothers!!! Did not really do anything except work on the decorative outhouse for Deb. Had some cake and ice cream and got my fishing license for my Birthday. Not a bad day I gess
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    I'm very curious about any tech item
    Happy birthday Ron !

    Sorry for delay
    Ciao e buon compleanno

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    I'm so glad ya had a great day bro! to many, many more!!

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    Happy Birthday.
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    Happy belated birthday Ron, good to hear you had a great day bud. I didn't know you had to have license to fish, a bit different over here.
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