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Thread: Favourite tuner

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    When I purchased my system I wanted the tuner to match either the preamp or the amp. So I A/B compared two:

    the SAE3200 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sae3200.jpg 
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ID:	29887 vs the Phase Linear PL5100 II Click image for larger version. 

Name:	5100II.jpg 
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ID:	29886

    Both had good sensitivity. The SAE had a very slight edge in sound quality, but the features like presets and scan, along with the stylish, modern look of the Phase Linear made it a clear winner for me. They SAE looked liked old lab equipment, even when it was new.
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    I did some horse-trading a few weeks ago, and my Akai AT-V04 went to an audiobuddy. It was a great tuner, but I had picked up an ADS T2 Atelier at an estate sale, I liked its ergonomics better, and it matched the rest of my black-faced gear better. The T2 is so good that I can tell one radio station from another by its SQ - it's like I'm getting a direct wire feed from the station's broadcast console. I also have a NAD 4130 which is destined for a garage sale or thrift store.
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    One I dearly love is the HK Citation 14.

    Sold one on consignment two years ago and it was the best sound I've ever heard. Nashville is not a tricky environment with crowded FM stations and skyscrapers, so my opinion is based on sound quality alone.

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