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Thread: Phaser Linear 6000 time delay

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    Phaser Linear 6000 time delay

    I have just acquired one of these and have yet to hook it up to see if it works. An owners manual would be nice. Anyone got one? Service manuals are on the bay, but owners

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    Have you checked with Rick Stout at
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    Phase Linear 6000 Owner's Manual & Sales Brochure


    Here is a copy of the Phase Linear 6000 owner's manual and sales brochure.

    By the way, if my memory serves me correct this product was designed by A.P. Van Meter.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Phase Linear 6000 Owners Manual.pdf   Phase Linear 6000 Sales Brochure.pdf  

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    Thank Ed!!!!

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    Very interesting gear !
    It's ananalogue delay unit based on SAD 1024 by Reticon and it's a really stereo unit.
    I have a C4000 preamp with delay unit based on SAD 4096 , but it's mono with hi frequencies shifted .
    Any way these systems are hard to adjust and ,expecially, the placement of rear speakers could be critic.
    Have a good fan and do not exceed with the effects .
    The secret is : the rear speakes must exist , but you must not hear them .
    The delay unit is not Dolby Sorround or Dolby Digital .

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