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Thread: Ipad direct to stereo=not great

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    For my office setup I used a Wadia 170i iPod dock going optical into the Pro-Ject MaiA I have up for sale. You can pick them up off eBay for $100-200 ish. Great built in DAC or you can stream digitally into any DAC. I modify iPods by removing the hard drive and upping the storage capacity with a 256 or 512 gig flash card and lo and behold I have weeks of music on a loop. I have everything on the iPod in Apple Lossless and have zero qualms on sound quality. I have a hard time discerning the faster bit haven't invested in a lot of HD ripped music. Works for me Peachtree Audio has a nice iPod dock (iDAC) that does the same thing.....but you will pay more for those.....
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    I still have it all on the original formats and taped, ripped to hard drives and transferred to CD-Rs and tapes as mixes.

    People leave all sorts of things on old computers, gangsta rap along with baby's porn DVD rips weren't working...SAME DRIVE.

    But I've incorporated entire drives and DVDs of media files to the point that I have a 160 GB external drive nearly full after eliminating duplicates and files that weren't done well, I couldn't fix them well. I also have things I've saved from the internet since the late 90s.

    But I never get rid of the original media, unless it totally fails. You want a source to rebuild should better techniques come around or you do lose your original transfer. I do it like the record company.
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    I'm very curious about any tech item
    A question : how to connect a Mac via headphone output to a normal aux input ?
    It' s necessary a special cable , because Macs use a propietary four pole connector and if
    you use a normal cable you obtain noise and distorsion . Does this cable exist ?
    It's only a curiosity ,because I have connected my father's Mac Pro using Bluetooth and
    the result is perfect digital sound .

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