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Thread: Speaker hookup question

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOPL Sniffer View Post
    After seeing the PDF that Ed posted about the 700 Service manual., page 10 shows the troubleshooting section... Number 3 just about says it all (popping/clicking/strange sounds)....

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    That is the SOA protection kicking in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gepetto View Post
    That is the SOA protection kicking in.
    Hence my decision, based on Joe's input, to disable SOA protection my WOPLs driving low impedance loads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WOPL Sniffer View Post
    After seeing the PDF that Ed posted about the 700 Service manual., page 10 shows the troubleshooting section... Number 3 just about says it all (popping/clicking/strange sounds)....

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    I am glad to see that someone is actually reading these old "owner's manuals" for the original Phase Linear 700's I recently posted.
    The "snapping an popping sound" statement also appears in the 700B owner's manual on page 10.

    Here are just a few observations.........

    The original Phase Linear 700 owner's manual (Seattle Washington version) most likely was written at a time when the Phase 700 only had a total of (12) output transistors, and (4) drivers. Very few of the amps were made with only (12) output transistors.
    This is more than likely the reason why the thermal cutouts occurs at 70 degrees C.

    The later Edmonds Washington version was written when there were a total of (20) output transistors.
    "Using a temperature sensitive crayon (Thermal Stik or equivalent) verify that cut out occurs between 80 and 95 degrees Centigrad".
    NOTE: This comment also appears in the 700B owner's manual.

    The Edmonds Washington (700) and Lynnwood Washington (700B) owner's manual have a number of things in common. Here are just a few:

    Under "Operating Area", I thought it was interesting how they created a 4 ohm load by using (4) 16 ohm 15" woofers (JBL D-140, LE-15A or equivalent) and hooking them up in parallel.

    Under "Operating Precautions To Observe During Testing".... "During a dead short, the output transistors experience stresses that are approximately three times those that occur during normal full output. Never short the output...."

    The original Phase Linear 700 service manual on page 7 "Step 5" "....Short circuit the output terminals with a jumper, and drive the input of the amplifier at 20 Hz. Slowly increase the variac from 0 volts to 117 volts. Remove the short circuit jumper and verify that the amplifier resumes normal operation."

    (Essentially the same statement is made in the 700/700B service manual "Prepared 6/76".)

    The 700/700B service manual revised 2/81 on page 20 step 5.7 "Short circuit test. states: Drive the left channel with a 200 Hz signal at an output level of 53VRMS. Now short the output terminals with a jumper wire for 2 to 4 seconds. Remove the jumper wire and verify that the amplifier resumes normal operation. Repeat for the right channel".

    The way Dean taught me was this later method. That is to drive the amplifier at 200 Hz, at full output and then short the output. This is to verify proper operation of the protection circuit and identify any oscillations that may occur (and cure them per the service bulletin #7721) as well as to stress or identify (cause to fail) any weak or defective output transistors.

    The transformers in both versions of the 700 owner's manual are listed as 2.5 kilowatts.
    The 700B and 700 series two owner's and service manuals do not indicate how many kilowatts the transformer is.

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    Finally a KV rating on a 700- transformer!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northwinds View Post
    How do I hook both sets of my CV's to one amp? Is it series so it does not change impedence? How would I do that so as not to hurt my amp. A guy is stacking DQ's w/ a WOPL and my CV's are not amp killers obviously. A diagram of how the wires should be run would be helpful

    Thanks in advance
    Well, the jury is no longer sequestered. Don't just twist wires for 2 pairs of speakers together (even a bad assed WOPL). It WILL BLOW UP SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Wire them correctly or sign the check brothers.

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    Good read

    anypne got the service bulletin #7721 to post. My files are in need of sorting.
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