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Thread: The Pioneer "Tuning Fork" Tech Training Series

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    Thank you Lee and Rick S.. Going to take a read-through of all that has been posted.


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    Pioneer "Service Guide Troubleshooting Power Amplifiers Supplement to Tuning Fork"

    Compliments of
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails hfe_pioneer_tuning_fork_no2_supplement.pdf  

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    Pioneer Digital Supplement Of Tuning Fork

    compliments of
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails hfe_pioneer_tuning_fork_digital_supplement_1980_en.pdf  

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    Anthony Young's Silver Pioneer Website (An archived copy from 2004)

    Here is a link to Anthony Young's silverpioneer web site from 2004.


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    Pioneer Electronics 50 Year History Video

    Here is a link to a rare 55 minute program celebrating Pioneer's 50 year history 1938-1988.

    There are lots of interesting links to other youtube videos just to the right of the Pioneer video.


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    Thanks guys.....


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