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Thread: Anybody looking for a clean working Pioneer SR-303

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    The box took a big dent in a corner but that was nowhere near where Ron had the Pioneer and it required no bionics, showed signs of life immediately, now I have to rearrange the entire right side stack and get it hooked in with the rest like I said. Ron packed it just right and I see no signs that it even shifted when the box took the ding. NICE.

    PICS, and thanks Ron!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a good looking one Steven and works 100% (at least it did for the couple weeks I had it hooked up in the garage to the Denon receiver and Bose 501 series floor standers). Glad it made it safe, I always try to pad the edges well as the freakin' gorilla's toss packages like in the American Tourister commercials. Thanks for giving it a good home
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