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Thread: Rolling P-Mounts...Again (another Hecksperiment)

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    I bought one of those cheap digital scales from Harbor Freight last night. It was too thick to fit between the top of the plinth and the arm/stylus, so I was set to return it. Barb suggested that I try taking the platter off, so I did that...almost...shaved the feet off the scale and removed the battery hatch for good barely fit. Reads at 1.4 grams, but I need to calibrate it to be sure.

    Then, I looked at the bottom of the platter. It was diecast, and very light, but the fellow who sold it to me at Twangfest for $75 (and that was with a JICO stylus!) told me he had dampened it. Nicely done!
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    Yes, it was, to not crease the foil anymore than he did , that took some doing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazarus Short View Post
    Mike, are you pulling Lee's leg? I ALWAYS believed the groove (that's singular) carried both channels...
    It does...they are cut at about 45 degree angles and the cartridge receives the information at the left and right coils which are sent to the phono preamplifier along the way. There was a two groove system but the one we have now is basically a version of stuff Bell Laboratories was working on 80-85 years ago.

    And it was Stokowski conducting IIRC, so it was really decent crap. I have an LP of some of those recordings I got sealed on eBay, it's from 1977?

    A mono cartridge only sees one aspect (I think there are also hill and dale movements in a stereo groove that it can't sense, in effect a kind of matrix)...I don't think about it a lot, I just play the records.
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