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Thread: La Scalla industrials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geegz View Post
    I will look at the Cornscalla's also. My preference for music is less bass heavy anyway. HT I like more bass but these will be for a separate 2 channel dedicated music system.
    Cornscala's rock and Even if Bob and his crew build them they are only $1800.00 completed, ready to ship.

    Very nice price for a killer set of speaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneTonScoutII View Post
    Everyone tells me that they are lacking in the low end of the bass.
    In stock configuration this may be a true statement. It depends on your listening habits. When I first acquired my pair of 1974 La Scala's, I was listening to a pair of Heresy's (1977). The La Scala's sounded "bigger and better" but they did lack a bit in the low-end. After porting the La Scala's (and using active EQ) per advice on the Klipsch forum, the bottom end of the La Scala's is much better and what I would call "normal" now.

    Lifting the entire speaker off of the floor about 4" also helped the bass and sound quality a lot. I put 4" rubber wheel casters on each speaker to lift them and make them easier to move.

    With a 400 or 700 connected to the ported La Scala's, you would think you were in a night club. Clean, clear and massive SPL.

    On the other hand, if you have a low power tube amp, the La Scala's will sound great too, just at a lower volume.

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