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Thread: Dahlquist DQ-10 full system for sale on Ebay

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    Dahlquist DQ-10 full system for sale on Ebay

    This is a hell of a good buy for a complete Dahlquist DQ10 system!
    Left and right panels, two low freq subs, stands, and the active crossover.
    All for an asking price of 800 bucks. The crossover alone (one of the best ever designed) sell for around 300 bills.
    You would have to spend at least FIVE Grand to equal this system with todays speakers.
    Add two Phase linear 700 amps and it will make you smile.

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    If you want that rig anywhere other than near Knoxville, TN, it might get expensive. This system was probably bought at Hi-Fi House as we sold Dahlquist back then.

    go for it guys. I've already got a couple pair, the crossover and a sub and plenty of amps, just not the 700B, and Knoxville is kind of a drive from here.

    With the boxes for all 4 speakers, later mirror-imaged ones at that, this is a nice price. Lots of real estate needed for them, though and they need work. A refoam and a recap of at least that ~80F blue cap.
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