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Thread: Misadventures in Bi-Amping

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    I moved some things around. The shop system moved a couple of yards away, and now consists of the Denon CDP and the Cyrus 2/PSX. The Cyrus amp sings, placed between the CDP and the B&W speakers - maybe it's the new speaker wire, some Monster in-wall stuff, which I strung along the ceiling.

    That freed up the Arcam amp, which went into the main system to service the Vandersteen's mids and tweeters. It has more power than the Luxman and the sound is more seamless then ever, and I can hear gobs of detail on familiar music. I have to do without the Luxman's DAC, however.

    That freed up the Luxman, which went upstairs to go in the office system. The Aiwa preamp and the Yamaha M-35 were both getting noisy, so the Lux is a blessing.
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