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Thread: Howdy from East Texas. Hamfist mechanic attempting PL repairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northwinds View Post
    I am pretty sure if your offering the PL pair for $400, they are an easy sell hereThe 901s are getting no justice, they sound like shit without the EQ which actually acts as a crossover unit
    That's what I had hoped for to avoid attempting repairs and EBay. Got an offer for the system from a member who lives down the road a piece and accepted it so they'll be going out the door soon to a better place. That leaves me with an early 50's Motorola built-in Hi-Fi system to play with. Has a tuner, amp, Webcor turntable inside a drawer w/slides and two co-axial Qual-Cam speakers minus their tweeter horns. The system had a blond finished front with the rest of the box painted plywood. It sat in a hole cut into the wall so was a flush mount inside a living room with the back jutting inside a pantry closet. The speakers had folded horns. Unfortunately the cabinet was destroyed during remodeling in 1994 and I was lucky enough to retrieve the components from the dumpster before it was hauled away. Was told by a neighbor that it sounded great back in the day when she hung out there with other friends playing 45's of their heart throbs and only needed a few replacement tubes that were never installed to get them to hang out somewhere else. It was installed when the house was built and believe the cabinet might of been made by Qual-Cam on a special order basis with the buyer supplying the amp/receiver and the carpenter to fit them in. So far I've been unable to find anything similar online so might of been custom-made for that 'Modern' home.

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    Good you found homes for the PL equipment!!!!
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    A warm welcome to you Dirtywerk, tube consoles are way cool, a certain magic was involved in their making and it shows in the sound!

    So what are you going to do with a more 'modern' system?

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    Hey Dirtywerk - welcome to Phoenix. I've been a bit busy of late but I'd be remiss in not welcoming you with a Nav babe. Hope you like her - I hear she likes to get dirty.
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