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Thread: HELP for Phase Linear 4000

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    HELP for Phase Linear 4000

    Anyone---Please---I need the schematic of the Bandpass 2 circuit board for a Series 1 Pre-amp [PL07]. Some repair joint did a strange mod and I need to see a valid one. Even a good jpg.of the foil side would help. I HAVE THE SERVICE MANUAL . . . which does NOT have that board. My board smokes.

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    Well, as long as he smokes outdoors and not within 20 feet of an exit......
    I had the nations problems figured out one night while on blah blah blah........ huh?

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    I'm very curious about any tech item
    See Phase Linear 1000 in The Carver Site .
    Correlator and Peak Unlimeter boards are the same .

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    edit: from a pl1000
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