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Thread: dbx Ultrx RD-C21 cassette deck

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange View Post
    Open it and see if it's a bit dusty in there. Use some canned air and blow it out, especially the record/play switch (probably a mechanical arm from the controls to the switch) push the switch in and out and blow air (or electronics cleaner) in the switch (but not at the same time).

    Repeat if needed. If that doesn't seem to work the level switch or another button may be a problem. You can spray other things, make sure that the spray is safe for plastics and the DECK IS UNPLUGGED!!!

    To get to the other controls you may need to take the face apart so keep track of what you are doing so you can putm it back together okay.

    I took it apart is sprayed it with compressed air. It wasn't really dusty at all but after thoroughly blasting it with air it seems to be working perfectly again. Although who knows how long this will last. Hopefully for a long time.
    Thanks for your help

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    You're quite welcome! Getting a cassette deck working again is a great feeling, especially when it's not really involved, like belts or bad parts! Sanyos are really nice working, my first deck was a 1980/81 model. It was a great value with AMSS, metal tape and Dolby B with big analog meters and separate recording level knobs and also solenoid button transport controls. I can't remember the exact price but it was well below $140 and although it lacked Dolby C it was far simpler than the Pioneers that year and everything was contained on ONE BOARD vs. maybe FOUR for CT-7R (two daughterboards attached vertically and an impossibly stupid control board on the cassette drive itself and a tendency to go in rewind regardless of which button you pushed.
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