Well we really haven't said what our goals are here. I can't say for all the mods. I just know what I try to do.

1 To expand your visions in the audio world with new and old equipment

2 To bring in people who have knowledge of certain areas so we can all learn by asking questions

3 To be able to see what it takes to do mods so you may tackle them yourself

4 To have fun and build friendships with people of the same ilk.

5 A place you can go to get the information you need. Manuals,parts cheaper or what ever it may be.

6 A place to say your opinions without ridicule.

7 This is our forum. There is a committee who takes care of things. It must be a majority for any thing to happen. The peoples person is Fast Forward at the moment. If you have any ideas or questions he is your man

There will never be any outside source for money. This forum will never be pimped out. We can and will pick and choose who we let links be put at the bottom of the page. If you know of someone who would fit in. We will consider the link.

These are my thoughts and mine only. If the others would like to add to this please do.