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Thread: Larry's Memorial Fund, now open for donations.

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    I'm in - take care Larrt! It was great to spend a bit of time with you and you will be remembered fondly.
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    Errm... Ey Vatos!!!!

    From Carly!

    Looks like we did some good! Thank you THANK YOU everyone..

    "There are no words to explain my feelings! So many have put funds into this PayPal thing! The words "Thank you" will never begin to express the gratitude and feelings I'm feeling. Larry always said how much you all meant to him but I didn't understand really. I've never "got" the audio thing, however it was a huge part of his life and it and the group gave him a lot of joy. Please tell each and everyone God Bless them and thank you!!!!

    You all have made it so I can bring his earthly body to his earthly home so his family and friends here can say goodbyes properly.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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    Well thats nice to see. I get paid this aft and will be making a donation, later today.
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    Jerry, thank you for doing this, I know we are doing the right thing in helping to get our friend home.

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    Thank you for answering the call, Jerry, by enabling us to contribute in an easy manner to Larry's Memorial Fund. Those are kind words from Carly and I'm glad to have known Larry these past few years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by laatsch55 View Post
    Shit...I'm leaking now...

    Me 2

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    Sad and shocked. He was a man of great faith and I'll miss him and the exchanges we had.

    Would someone please PM me about what has happened please?

    Thank You,

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    Donation sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20tajk7 View Post
    Donation sent.
    Thank you,nice to see a new member send a donation, I'll remember your Good Karma
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