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Thread: Rare Phase Linear stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldphaser View Post
    Here is yet again another Heil photo.

    I like to see anything PL as well as other power monsters of that era.
    Thanks for this.

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    You're in the right place here Juikster! Keep poking around and get your drool bucket out, gonna need it. Welcome to Phoenix!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill7621 View Post

    If it's Sunday Night, it's must be football and pizza!

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    Heil Sound System Catalog (Photo with 9 Phase Linear 700's)

    Quote Originally Posted by oldphaser View Post
    Someone recently posted a photo from the front of a Heil Sound catalog on Facebook.
    I just happened to notice that there were (9) Phase Linear 700's in the photo.

    See attached photo below.


    I received the Heil Sound catalog and scanned the pages.

    Unfortunately I don't have the ability to compile them all into (1) pdf

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Heil Sound page 1.pdf   Heil Sound page 2.pdf   Heil Sound page 3.pdf   Heil Sound page 4.pdf   Heil Sound page 5.pdf   Heil Sound pages 6 & 7.pdf   Heil Sound page 8.pdf   Heil Sound page 9.pdf   Heil Sound page 10.pdf   Heil Sound page 11.pdf  

    Heil Sound page 12.pdf  

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