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Thread: List your latest piece of magnetic magnificence..

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    Yep, our German friend Lutz (Lucky) who has always owned a (ANT-modded I thought?) Dragon, but has said that the NAD 6300 is better, and the NAD 6100 is on par with the Dragon. I can agree, since even the crappiest tapes I threw at it didn't sound nearly as crappy as on other decks. Anyways, Lutz gave me this one for free as a gift, and I've made it my main deck ever since.
    Also, about the last tape, here is the section where Jed shouts out some TapeHeads users, incase you'd like to hear it.
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    Just so that this thread isn't cursed for life by being killed by a banned member, I am happy to say I got my early NOS TDK SA-X C-90 #2 a few daze ago from Mike Shotwell plus couple of tapes he recorded for me.
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