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  1. Lee , I try to looking for a part q6 2n3403 but not available in Australia. Where can I get it from shopping online ?
  2. LEE , if i want to build my PL400 the one had been blow fuse. I want to replace white PCB . new filter capercitor. New back plate. New out put transitor. I'm not sure those out put transitor is still ok or not. Is that better than send to shop to replace almost haft amount money need to rebuild.
  3. Hi lee , just want to asking you . My pre amplifier Pl2000 is dual primary voltage. A services manual said if use it with 220v then need to replace a fuse 1/16 amp . I had been open a fuse cap out and check it. I can see a fuse was 2 amp 250v. I can'tfind any fuse 1/16 amp . What is your success for it ?
  4. Hi lee , sorry to border you. I would like to ask you about a dual primary voltage on PL400 . I just bought a power amplifier 400 and Pre-amplifier 2000 and both of them is dual primary transformer. I'm not a electrician then when i look at my curent power in 220v and compare to a new one . I'm not sure how can i change a voltage line follow by a schematics on services manual.
  5. Hi there , i would like to adjustment bias on my PL400 but i cant find where location R38 and R39 on PCB. would you please able to let me know. Thank you
  6. Hi there , i would like to asking you about PL400 VOLTAGE change from 110v to 220v. Is that any hard to change it without use a transformer step down ????
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